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Generator Maintenance

Generators, when needed are some of the most valuable pieces of equipment. When not in need we often forget about them and most of us live in areas where it could be months or even years between use. A piece of equipment with an engine runs much like our bodies. Fresh clean water and fuel for us along with regular exercise is pertinent for maximum health. For engines, fresh fuel clean oil and routine test runs are what will help keep maximum performance. So what happens to your body when you sit with bad food and water with no exercise…..

Tips to keep your unit ‘healthy’

After using the generator be sure to drain any unused fuel from it and shut the fuel valve off. This helps to prevent damage from ethanol (ethyl alcohol) an additive in today's fuel. Ethanol does considerable amounts of damage to an engines carburetor and fuel lines. This is the ‘heart’ of the machine. Today there is a large array of ethanol free fuels available to help avoid this issue all together. If this is something you are unable to attain there are ways to maintain the unit while using ethanol fuel.

Monthly test runs for about an hour with or without a load is recommended to keep the lines clean. Followed again by draining unused fuel and shutting the valve off. Oddly enough covering a unit with a tarp to keep safe can also cause damage. Ethanol (being alcohol) attracts water, water and fuel do not mix. Condensation build up can allow for the unit to absorb the water into the fuel. This also goes for the method in which you store your gasoline. Make sure all Fuel storage tanks are rated for what they are being used for and have secure fitted tops that seal the tank from the atmosphere when not being used. This will not allow for any contamination to develop.

Lastly, most of us do not go looking for a generator until the emergency strikes. Understandably at this time we tend to look for the most convenient and affordable option we can find. And well there isn't much to be said for that but the classic “You get what you pay for!” Here at Paul B Moyers we are proud to carry and stand behind, only top of the line quality machines that we would use ourselves.

With all this in mind if you have a generator go outside and give it a pull. If something is hinky give a call! If all is well use these tips to keep it so. If you need a generator just give Moyers a call and our family will be happy to help.

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